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Top tips from USC Basketball COVID HUB

To help keep our communities safe and stop the spread of COVID-19, everyone needs to play their role.

While measures and protocols may vary, make sure to:

  • Stay at home if you are sick or unwell.

  • Wash and sanitise your hands frequently.

  • Stay 1.5 metres away from other people where possible.

  • You should arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled start time - you should turn up dressed to play with your own water bottle.

  • Anyone attending the session should sign in at the venue with the Rip City contactless sign in with their phone. QR codes will be available at the door to make this as quick and simple as we can.

  • You should sanitize your hands and basketball upon arrival and departure of your session.

  • It will be regular play/training when on the court but when not on the court to play social distancing rules should be followed.

  • Masks MUST be worn within the stadium. Masks may only be removed when participating in physical exercise or if unsafe to wear

Be part of the team and let’s work together to create a COVID safe environment.

For SQJBC events the following applies:

  • 2 spectators (adults) per player

  • Teams cannot enter until 15 minutes prior to game time (unless there is a delayed game and teams will be allowed in upon completion of the game)

  • All attendees must sign in via the QR code before entering including Players, Coaches and Assistant Coaches

  • All attendees must use sanitiser upon entry

  • All teams and spectators must leave the stadium at the competition of each game.


Covid Update
17th December 2021

USC Basketball. is required to comply with health directives of the Queensland Government when it comes to the restrictions associated with COVID-19. We have been awaiting clarification from the Queensland Government on what those measures will mean for Hibiscus Sports Complex and our other playing facilities.


We can now share the following information, based on the latest Queensland Health directive. As of 17 December 2021 (relevant to people 16 years and over):


USC Stadium Access:

🏀Access is permitted for both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. No more than 1 person per 2 square metres.


🏀Patrons must continue to check in via the QLD Gov Check in app for contract tracing purposes.


🏀 Consistent with current practices, Rip City Expresso will continue to operate - customers who wish to dine in you must be fully vaccinated.


🏀Training and competitions held at School Facilities require volunteering adults and parents attending to be vaccinated. USC Basketball will continue to work with the schools and provide any new information when available.


🏀 Basketball Qld and Qld Health are currently seeking further clarity on several issues including venues where licensed and hospitality areas are not standalone areas, or a facility that could also be considered an indoor entertainment venue.


🏀Any staff that work within your food and beverage facilities are required to be vaccinated.


We expect more changes to occur before return to competition in 2022 and will continue to update our members where appropriate.


The health and safety of our Rip City members and staff continues to be our highest priority in these ever changing times.


Please be nice at all times with our friendly staff. Please be patient, courteous and respectful to everyone who help USC Basketball Association adhere to the Queensland government regulations. USC Basketball do not make the rules, but they have an obligation to ensure all guests and visitors to our stadium adhere with the Queensland government rules.


Don't forget to link your COVID-19 Digital Certificate to your Check-In Qld app.

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USC Basketball is currently operating under an adapted (approved) version on Basketball Queensland's the Indoor Sports COVIDSafe Industry Plan approved by the State Government.

In line with advice from Queensland Health, we would like to remind the basketball community of the importance of following the Queensland Government and

‘Return to Play’ guidelines.  


Return to play

In line with advice from Queensland Health, we would like to remind the basketball community of the importance of following the Queensland Government and BQ’s ‘Return to Play’ guidelines.

Individuals MUST NOT attend basketball activities if:

🏀 You are feeling unwell and suffering from cold or flu-like symptoms 

🏀 You have tested positive for COVID-19 or have come in contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case within the last 14 days

🏀 You are a high health risk (due to age or pre-existing conditions)

🏀 You have travelled internationally

🏀 You have travelled to a COVID declared hotspot

Please remember to check in when you arrive at training or games and to maintain social distancing at all times off the court.