Refereeing At
USC Basketball

Referees are a crucial part of the sport of basketball. RipCity Basketball has dedicated Referee Supervisors to recruit and develop officials from the Sunshine Coast with the assistance of Basketball Queensland’s dedicated staff.

At RipCity Basketball, it’s about more than just filling a spot. We want to attract & develop great people who will become great officials. Our programs are about improving wellbeing as well as improving performance. We therefore have values that our officials must uphold, and qualities that we aim for them to develop.

With basketball competitions being held throughout the Association all year round, opportunities are always available for those looking to become a referee.

Referee courses are run throughout the year, with development pathways in place to allow career progression from junior club basketball to QBL, right through to the international level of officiating, in line with Basketball Australia’s officials development framework.

If you are interested in becoming a referee the Association conducts Apprentice and Community Courses and start referees on junior club games.

Becoming a referee

How do I become a referee at Rip City?


If you are interested in learning how to referee please fill out the form or send an email to our Referee Coordinator!

I am already a graded official.  How do I go about refereeing at Rip City?

We are always happy to work with enthusiastic, self-motivated graded officials here at Rip!  If you have already completed the Community Grade Course and are currently a graded official, you can email Erin Patton.

We look forward to working with you!