From parent to president

By Kirralee Livingstone

USC Rip City club president Matt Nason’s passion for basketball has always been strong and has grown during this year’s NBL1 north conference season.

His journey with USC Rip City started when he moved his family to the Sunshine Coast and signed his daughters up to the pink ball program (like the little rippers program).

After nine years of being on the side-lines at his daughters’ games and assisting with coaching, he is now the figurehead of the club.

“The entailment is a hell of a lot of emails, and a lot of phone calls, primarily,” he jokes.

“Realistically we’re trying to make sure we’re managing a harmonious environment where we’re thriving and doing whatever it takes to make sure we’re going forward.”

Which is extremely important to ensure the team excels the best they can, especially in the NBL1 North competition which has raised the stakes for the local club.

“Playing basketball in this area here, you can see the state of the game is flourishing for the competition, the style of play, the standard of play, it’s exciting,” he said.

Matt is also hopeful for the NBL1 women’s and men’s USC Rip City teams this year.

“I do see both groups that run up and down the floor, and I can’t be prouder of the effort that’s going in… it’s a matter of time before we start stringing it together,” he said.

And since this interview, after both sides had lost both games of the start of the season, the men’s and women’s team have both improved significantly winning 3 or more games each.

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