Little rippers with big motivators

Written by Kirralee Livingstone

NBL1 star Sebastian Morris excels in extra curriculars, including playing small forward, power forward and centre for USC Rip City, and studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at USC.

In between his busy schedule of studying, training, and playing basketball at a representative level, Sebastian manages to also help train juniors who are just starting out in basketball.

The program is called Little Rippers which is affiliated with the Rip City team, and focuses on teaching basic skills such as defending, attacking, dribbling, and passing.

“Training with the Rippers does take a little bit of time out of my schedule however it is completely worth it,” he says.

“Watching them improve each week is such an amazing feeling and seeing them at my games and seeing them in the crowd is even better.”

Not only does Sebastian enjoy Little Rippers because he has the ability to be “somebody they can look up to” but because he assists young players to fall in love with basketball.

“What I love most about the Little Rippers program is just seeing how much they all get involved and see how engaged they are,” he says.

“Seeing their love and passion develop as they continue to train is really inspiring.”

As much as it is motivating, it also comes with some laughs and light-hearted moments during training.

“My favourite time is in a training drill is the dribble knock out,” he says.

“If I ever try to join in with them, they all just gang up to try and get me out first which is pretty funny.”

It’s clear to see the basketball players of Rip City not only have immeasurable skill, but hearts of gold too.

Photo credit- Kirralee Livingstone 2021

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