Out-of-state star continues to turn heads

Written by Sarah Assink, Photos by JDR Creative

Jasmine Forcadilla has only been on the Sunshine Coast for less than two months and is already making an impression as one of Rip City’s latest recruits.

The team’s newest addition is a heavy hitter, playing an important position on the team.

“I’m a combo guard so I’m pretty comfortable in points or running the lanes,” Jasmine said.

The talented 23-year-old, hailing from the Central Coast of New South Wales, said that while several teams were trying to recruit her, the Sunshine Coast ticked a lot of boxes in terms of team environment, lifestyle and location.

“I was being recruited by a couple of teams all over Australia, and my friend who also signed with Rip City, Alex Delaney, put my name forward,” she said.

Originally a lover of netball, Forcadilla turned to basketball at the age of eight. With team training, individual training and long hours spent in the gym gaining strength, it is gruelling but gratifying work, with the results being well worth the sweat and tears.

Competing at the FIBA Under 17’s World Champions at the Czech Republic in 2014, she said that it was one of the main highlights of her professional career so far.

“We got to verse so many talented countries and we actually finished fifth in that tournament, so that was really cool,” she said.

She also competed in the US while studying at Saint Mary’s College of California.

Even though the training is tough physically and mentally, she said the collective team environment had a strong foundation of working hard and climbing further up the ladder of women’s professional basketball.

“I’d love to keep playing professionally,” she said.

“Short term goal is to get my foot into the WNBL and this is kind of an optimal stepping stone for that. “I’m just hoping that we, as a team, can perform well together and then that automatically boosts my individual game.”

Jasmine Forcadilla has made her mark overseas and is determined to do the same on home soil. She says that Rip City, is the place to be.

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